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Over the past few months, we have spotlighted courageous military working dogs, outlined their experiences and told their inspiring stories. Now, we want to explore what we can do to give back to these heroes!

One of the best and easiest ways to show your appreciation for military working dogs is to send a canine care package! These packages can include gear, toys, or treats—any items that will help a hard working canine feel comfortable, cared for, and ready to do their best work.

These packages can be sent through The United States War Dogs Association Inc. and are sent directly to a current military working dog. You can see the full list of items that are needed by the canines on their website here. Don’t forget that for each military working dog, there is a handler! The United States War Dogs Association Inc. also includes items needed by canine handlers on their list of requested items. Help out a U.S. Military Working Dog Team by including items for both K9 and human partners in your package.

Some requested items include:

And, of course, a note or letter of appreciation!

You will need to register with the United States War Dogs Association Inc. before you send a care package. You can do that by following the instructions on the bottom of their page. Then, once your package is complete, you can send an email and let them know you are ready to send the care package. The organization will respond with the name and address of a Military Working Dog Team and the package can be shipped directly to a working military dog team!

Sending a care package is an easy way to show your support and gratitude for the hard working canines overseas. Before you ship out some treats, check out the tips below to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure your package will be received properly.

Military Canine Care Packages: Tips to ensure your package gets there safe and sound!

  • Light packages are ideal. If you have many items you wish to send please break them up into multiple packages!
  • Pack items tightly and securely to ensure items are not damaged in transit.
  • Do not use packing peanuts! If the box is damaged during shipping, the small packing peanuts can fall out of the package. Newspaper, balloon packs, or Styrofoam sheets are safer alternatives.
  • Wrap or seal products that could be damaged by weather. Keep items that are alike together, and ensure odorous products are sealed separately.
  • In case the outer shipping label becomes illegible, place a second label inside the box to ensure a safe arrival for the package.


We want to see what you’ve sent! Tweet a picture of your canine care packages and use the hashtag #MSAK9CarePackage!

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