Kerry Mulcahy

MSA would like to share some safety tips for those attending the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! In light of current events, there have been many concerns about travel plans. These are some precautions that you can use, in order to stay safe while abroad!

The start of the Olympics is August 5th, so before you go, make sure you visit your doctor approximately 4-6 weeks prior. Be sure that your previous vaccines are up to date and find out what vaccines you will need in order to maintain good health while in Brazil. Also, for extra precaution, pack a first aid kit containing medicines such as an antidiarrheal, antacid and hydrocortisone cream, in case of an emergency during your trip. Try to take preventative measures when dealing with mosquitos. Constantly use and reapply insect repellent, as well as wearing clothes that cover your skin in order to prevent disease. Before you go, ask your doctor about a prescription or vaccine against diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. This prevention will be extremely beneficial during and after your trip!

While in Brazil, avoid consuming unsealed water, ice and drinks that contain a form of tap water. Many beverages such as fountain drinks, alcoholic drinks and juices have forms of water contained throughout.  Also be cautious of street vendors and local food, typically not eaten in the United States. Consuming contaminated food and drink can result in serious sickness or disease. While outside the hotel, leave anything of value in your room and do your best to blend in with the culture and customs. Also, avoid wearing anything flashy and keep only a copy of your passport and a small amount of cash on you. This might deter crime and in case of an emergency you will be able to have control over important documents and currency.

Finally, be cautious of your surroundings. Always stay in groups and steer clear of the cities and beaches at night. Keeping an eye of those around you, as well as your belongings, will be the best way to stay safe during your trip to the 2016 Olympics!



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